Interactive AR performance (in collaboration with Eugenia Suslova, Gediminas Daugela, Alex Twister)

A need for a hermetic signal system to be invented within a community emerges each time the community finds itself within a disciplinary system, whose gaze and actions it wants to avoid. Examples of such systems include early Christian cyphers, prison semiotic systems, and various cryptosystems that made their signals invisible and impenetrable. The emergence of a new signal system within an existing one highlights the disciplinary nature of the latter, and reveals the nature of space as that of control.

In this project, a new signal system was developed using the means of new media. The meanings of symbols depend of the software version and become an added condition of their correct reading.
The dynamic and interactive mechanics allow not only to receive messages, but also to create more complex cypher-punk mechanics, where, for instance, a message can only be read if one has access to a set of graphic keys, or knows at what exact time the message is correct. Therefore, an endless array of combinations emerges between the graphic sign and its deciphering, which serves to protect the cypher-punk community.

The graphic keys were not chosen randomly. On the one hand, they camouflage as birth marks, touching upon the "brotherly" context within a community. On the other hand, using the territorial borders of nations that no longer exist is a way to commemorate and remember the reasons that lead to their eventual downfall.
Performers: Eugenia Suslova, Alisa Smorodina, Gediminas Daugela, Alex Twister, Natalia Alfutova, Sasha Puchkova, Alfia Miftahutdinova
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