In co-authorship with Alyona Shapovalova

Participatory performative project

Brochures with test assignments, nine desk and chair sets, plexiglass shields, disinfection lamp, UV-protection glasses, black boxes, Petri dishes, clear and tinted glass jars, honey, ethanol, formic acid, empty praying mantis oothecas, empty wasp nests, galls, test tubes and holders, ballpoint pens

In response to the ethical turn toward non-human agents, we suggest that project participants temporarily abandon the idea of their species’ superiority and, by analogy with language tests like TOEFL and IELTS, undergo a test for deanthropocentralization that assesses their abilities as insects. To perceive the living experience of other creatures, humans need to avoid anthropocentric thinking. If this can be done, principles such as eusociality in social insects – if adopted by people – can become a source of positive change in our world.
Photography Yuriy Palmin
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