The Hand That Feeds
Participatory experiment, installation (wooden wall, animal feeders, nuts, fruits)

The Hand That Feeds is a participatory experiment based on the process feeding animals by hand.

Such a process is very symbolic towards the existing “human – animal” hierarchy. However, in this experiment, humans are the only actors in the process, calling into question one’s place within the hierarchy of “human — animal” relationships and the necessity of such a structure.
The installation consists of an opaque wall with a round hole at shoulder level and animal feeders with snacks of nuts and apples. The participants of the experiment are welcome to hand-feed each other.

The wall’s opaqueness creates a situation of danger and suspense. Animals can’t recognise human intentions. Food may be poisoned or serve as a lure. The inability to see who is feeding you or what is going on with your hand creates a situation of risk for both participants.
Photography Anton Zimerman
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