Speculative Hacking Workshop
Performative workshop, installation (survival vlog video, mobile phone, charger, GorillaPod, headphones, DIY soldering iron, rosin, aluminum can, copper wire)


Speculative hacking workshops are a recurrent practice around which a workgroup has formed, dedicated to researching ways to "hack" everyday fears and phobias associated with a person's collision with reality.
For years, I have long been accumulating knowledge of survival in situations of crisis and the post-apocalypse, regarding them as the only more or less guaranteed form of capital in a volatile reality.

At some point, the gloomy prospect of the post-apocalypse was replaced by an understanding that the process of acquiring knowledge is itself a form of resistance to reality. The post-apocalypse can be perceived as post-capitalism, and the individual practice of survival in a post-capitalist world has, for me, become a form of protest, more viable and effective than a head-on collision with the power of capital.
An extensive body of accumulated skills and the desire to develop the idea of an alternative resistance have led me to start hosting speculative hacking workshops. I define speculative hacking as a practice of slipping away, an individual or group form of resistance to a hostile reality, similar to creating a temporary autonomous zone, but within one's imagination.

Unlike hacking, speculative hacking is, for the most part, a passive practice, a weak gesture with a therapeutic effect. Thus, objects of speculative hacking and its tools are designed to protect a person from reality, instead of destroying it. Today, when active resistance is doomed to be suppressed and more often than not fails to reach its declared goal, the therapeutic effect may turn out to be more important than a head-on assault.
Photography Natalya Tazbash, Mitya Lyalin
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